We understand the dynamics of the Sports Economy and importantly it's linkages with other complementary industries. We bring our sports domain expertise as well as the Cross-Industry experience to the table, collaborate, integrate and execute results. In short, we put our skin in the game - open market doors, and eventually contribute to the bottom-line of our clients and partners

Where we excel

Go-To-Market Strategy
Product Validation and Market Testing
Innovation Scouting
Sales & Business Development
Business Matching
Market Intelligence
Access to Investors

Approach and Implementation

  • HiG streamlines the market scoping and customer discovery phase by engaging with the market, identifying the gaps, understanding the pain points and problems in the system


    HiG shares local market insights and names/strategies/business models of key players/competitors/clients

    HiG advises on the “dynamics” of working with respective stakeholders/partners/clients and guides the overall strategic pathway to operate successfully in the market


    HiG will either act as an independent local partner OR work in a strategic alliance with local distributors/channel partners