10 - January -2023

A hattrick of HiG facilitated trials and market validation work for Pendular, MX3, Gorilla Gold.

Pendular completes a hat-trick of trials and market validation work facilitated by HiG in the last quarter. We at the HiG simplify the India market navigation and customer discovery phase for our clients. Discovering the Indian sports market for business is streamlined and augmented through market validation with relevant stakeholders and prospects.

In Pendular’s case, we facilitated successive demos with one of India’s leading sport broadcasters during a live high profile sporting league. Testifying HiG’s support, Pendular’s founder Carlos Ballesteros comments “Having already worked with international rights-holders, we got the opportunity to test the Pendular technology in the Indian market with the support and experience provided by HiG. The result was a successful technical integration during a live-match coverage”.

Representatives from MX3 and Gorilla Gold have resonated similar views which we have showcased earlier on our socials. Key point to note in these 3 engagements is our broad market reach in different sub-verticals of the sports industry: Team/Athlete performance, Sports broadcasting, and Sports retail.

For us, outcome is a simple metric wherein our client’s body of work accumulates to become our body of work.

As we hit the ground running for the year ahead, we look forward to closing transactions for two of our clients in this quarter and continue facilitating market research, market validation, and market development work for others.



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