09 - March - 2023

HiG Sports and HTX Sports Tech enter collaborative agreement for sports tech innovation

Mumbai, India | Houston, TX - March 9, 2023 – Two leading sports tech consulting agencies, Hibiscus Innovation Gateway (HiG Sports) and HTX Sports Tech, have announced a partnership to promote and develop the rapidly growing sports tech economy. This collaboration will enable both companies to expand their efforts in consulting, business matching, and delivering impactful strategic outcomes for clients and partners.

Under this partnership, both companies will promote and utilize each other's services, as well as share market and business resources related to developing the sports and sports tech ecosystem - including respective networks of startup companies, sports organizations, academic institutions, brands, and governing bodies.

Both companies are committed to advancing the sports tech industry nationally and globally, bringing new products and services to their respective markets. With this partnership, they are confident that they can make a significant impact and drive positive change in the sports tech ecosystem.

For more information about this partnership, please contact Abhishek Padwal at info@higsports.in or Nate Thompson at team@htxsportstech.com.

About HiG Sports:

HiG Sports is a Mumbai-based B2B Consulting Agency, established to foster cross-pollination of innovations in the Sports, Fitness, Leisure industries between India and the rest of the World. HiG supports, advises, and facilitates go-to-market access for early-stage startups, growth stage and mature stage companies that have developed innovative products, concepts, and tech solutions in the sphere of sports media & fan engagement, sports infrastructure, human performance, gaming & esports, and leisure & recreation. At the other end of the spectrum HiG augments, simplifies, offloads the scouting, discovery, and next practices for sporting entities to solve their problems and steamline efforts in marketing, operations, and related business management functions.

About HTX Sports Tech:

HTX Sports Tech is an experienced consultancy that specializes in providing comprehensive advice to sports organizations, innovation ecosystems, academic institutions, and startups developing technology-enabled products and services in the sports industry. HTX is creating a world where technology and sports intersect in 3 areas of focus (Health & Wellness, Technology Management, and Xperiential). Through innovative solutions, HTX revolutionizes the way sports are enjoyed and experienced. Dedicated to building a future where technology is used to enhance the sports experience for all.